Kevin Hayes

I have spent 15 years working with Realtors to assist them in the development or procurement of their print and web collateral/marketing. In that time I have worked with many vendors that offer services to the industry and the only group that has been more frustrating to work with than other agents and printers is web and IT people. I hate to begin my recommendation on a negative, but you can’t appreciate Mary Ann’s true value without knowing what is out there.

Most of the web and IT people I’ve worked with have been flaky, in their own world and/or have been less than forth coming about what they can and cannot really do. It is very hard to find a capable service provider that can take the time to understand your specific needs and offer truly viable solutions. That’s exactly what Mary Ann did for us and I wish I could go into details regarding what she did, but then I would have to kill you for knowing our secrets!

Suffice it to say that Mary Ann is real human being and a pleasure to work with. She gave us really great solutions and has always been available to help us with problems and to keep the site running smoothly. I definitely recommend her services.

Kevin Hayes, Marketing Coordinator – Blackstone Realty