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Kevin Hayes

I have spent 15 years working with Realtors to assist them in the development or procurement of their print and web collateral/marketing. In that time I have worked with many vendors that offer services to the industry and the only group that has been more frustrating to work with than other agents and printers is web and IT people. I hate to begin my recommendation on a negative, but you can't appreciate Mary Ann's true value without knowing what is out there. Most of the web and IT … [Read More...]

Don Parish

I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Ann during a website building class she was teaching. It was the best technique learning experience I ever had; she made web site building easy, pleasant, and understandable. She explains how to build websites: gives examples, like a true consultant shows you different website themes and gives you the web concept pros and cons of each. Within a few hours I had a functioning site up and running, website building made simple. Whether you want to build your … [Read More...]

Ann Taskett

If you are looking to create your own website, independent of any other service or company, I highly recommend that you hire Mary Ann Epstein as your Trainer and Coach.    Thorough, and very responsive to questions and the needs of busy real estate professionals, Mary Ann has been a pleasure to work with.     I honestly never thought that I would be able to set  up my own website without a lot of external intervention - but I did - and, though it is still a work in progress - a lot of progress … [Read More...]

Allen Ottoson

Recently I took Mary Ann's class on how to build a website. I walked out of the class with a functioning website and a basic understanding of how to take control and customize my own website. I would recommend this class to everyone and especially future small business owners in any industry. The hands on skills you learn are quite useful in today's virtual world. Mary Ann was very patient, knowledgeable, and a Real pro. It's the kind of training you are unlikely to receive anywhere else. 100% … [Read More...]

Lorraine DSouza

Dear Mary Ann, This is the best geeky class I have attended. You made it so simple to work on and have my own website and know how to make my own changes when necessary and for practically nothing. At first I thought it would be difficult, but you made it so easy even a 5th grader could make this work. It was good enough even for a Realtor! You are an excellent teacher and the hands-on approach was the best! Your step by step method made it easy to work on my own website and gave me the … [Read More...]

Connie Martinez

Mary Ann has been a great support for me to initiate my web site. Her outstanding customer service is felt from the moment you start working with her. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and willingly ready to move you forward to lead you onto your own.. It is a pleasure and a good feeling to know that you can depend on her anytime you need technical support. Best Regards. Connie Martinez Red Carpet Heritage Realty 8423 Florence Avenue Downey, CA 90240 562-889-3297 … [Read More...]